Solid Gold Genotype / Phenotype for Working and Health


Dobermann from Germany's finest Working (Schutzhund/Police) Lines


                               Bingo v. Ellendonk, D.V. Lstsg, SchH 3, FH, Ang. (zva) HD1 
              Amor v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, HD 1 
                               Cona v. Neiderkassel, SchH 3, HD1 
  Ilo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, Ang. V1A, HD1 
                               Boris v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
              Gina v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, HD1 
                               Anouk v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, Ang. (zva) HD 1 
"B" Litter vom Blitzkrieger
                              Akim v. Vaciweba, SchH 3, Ang (zva) HD1 
               Bingo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                              Alfa v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH 3, FH, HD 1 
  Chauka vom Warringhof, SchH 1, ZTP V1A, HD1 (pointed)
                             Bastian v.Goldschmeiding, SchH3,Ang.,Hd1
               Dunja v. Worringer Bruch, SchH 3, FH, Ang.(zva) HD1 
                             Anja v. Worringer Bruch, SchH 3, HD1
Born Nov.10, 1995.   Both sire and dam "V" rated in conformation AND earned highest possible rating for working drives.
The dam, Chauka vom Warringhof, SchH1, ZTP V1A earned her V rating under Ottmar Vogel plus highest rating for self assuredness, protection, courage & fighting drives with high hardness, middle sharpness.  Chauka V'd in her SchH1 (pronounced in bitework) and was pointed in conformation show in Canada. 
The sire, Ilo v.d. Weyermuhle, SchH3, FH, Ang. earned V rating in German show and passed the koerung with 1A and highest rating for protection, courage & fighting drives, High hardness & middle sharpness.  Ilo is brother to Kleo v.d. Weyermuhle, winner of the I.D.C. World Schutzhund Championships.

Linebreeding:  Ellendonk  See Blitzkrieger Breeding Program

Big Dino

Baron v. Blitzkrieger, SchH2, OFA Good

BARON has exceptional substance, bone and conformation (approx. 100 lb, 27"high), full dentition, OFA good, thyroid normal.   He had balanced drives and exhibited superior nerve fiber in calm, full bites under defensive pressure.  He earned his SchH.1 (in USA) with  pronounced in bitework. In Australia (see below) he was twice High in Trial (with GSD's)

Baron  is sire to exceptional litters in Australia, USA (see bottom of this page) and the Blitzkrieger "I" Litter.
To see Baron's impressive record as a stud dog in Australia, visit the Von.Forell Kennel,  The VonHellas Kennel  & The Von Roth Kennel.  Frozen semen (Australia & Canada) is available to approved bitches.  (VIDEOS available) .

 7 months
7 months
15 months
4 years
Below: Baron training in Australia

Baron was exported to Australia where he produced some outstanding working progeny. 
In Australia Baron was Highest scoring dog (all breed trial) 
in protection, tracking & obedience  SchH1 - 100/78/96. 
Baron was awarded "High In Trial" for his SchH.II 
at the Eagle Heights Sport Dog Club's  trial under Judge Alison Kollenberg (Nov 11 2000). 
Baron was the only dobermann entered in that trial.
Congratulations to Kris and Baron!!

Astralian United SchH. Club
High in Trial Award

100 Point Track
Kris and Baron (left & above) 
Baron vom Blitzkrieger - with new handler, 
Kris Kotsopoulos, VonForell Kennel, Australia
96 in Protection & HIGH IN TRIAL - Congratulations!!
Von Roth Kennel have Baron's semen for stud service (as does Blitzkrieger Kennel) and he retired in Florida, USA.  Baron developed an elbow problem which eventually crippled him and he was euthanised in Aug.2003.  At 5 yrs. of age, he passed extensive health tests including cardio free rating.                                   More photos of Baron at bottom of page


Bogart vom Blitzkrieger, SchH3, FH2, OFA Excellent
(see bottom of page SchH.1 trial and FH1)
Asisin vom Blitzkrieger, SchH.1 -99/95/88 pronounced
Aisin vom Blitzkrieger, FH 1 - 96
Bogart vom Blitzkrieger (photo blow), SchH 1 - 100/94/92 pronounced & HIGH IN TRIAL
Bogart vom Blitzkrieger, FH 1 - 98

Bogart has excellent bone, substance and conformation. Full dentition. 
Bogart was "High in Trial" in his SchH1 & 2 (always pronounced in bitework) 
Tracking scores: 100 SchH1,  97 SchH2,  94SchH3 and 98 FH, 98 FH2
Bogart earned  98 score in his FH2 under a S.V. judge!, making him the Highest scoring FH2 dobermann in North America AND 2nd highest scoring FH2 DOG (any breed) in North America.
Bogart is owned, trained and loved by Susan Smith, Tanzenhaus Kennel (owners of Aisin v. Blitzkrieger)

(above) Bogart SchH3 Obedience Nov.1999

(above)  Bogart SchH.3 
Obedience November 1999 

 BO vom Blitzkrieger,OFA good, 

Bo has full dentition, exceptional bone, substance (80 lb) AND conformation.  She has balanced drives and excellent nerve fibre. vWD affected (Vetgen)

Bo is dam to the Blitzkrieger "G" litter (with Dax vom "Blitzkrieger) 

Bo passed over the rainbow bridge at 9.5 years.  She is dearly missed.
See more about Bo in Blitzkrieger "Pets"

BREN vom Blitzkrieger, OFA good
Bren has full dentition, excellent substance & conformation.  (75-80lb.)  She is a very compact bitch with high & balanced drives and proved her superior nerve fibre with calm, full bites under defensive pressure.  Hips OFA good, vWD affected (Vetgen)
Bren is dam to the Blitzkrieger "H" Litter (photos below) sired byBronco v.d. Doberwache

(See Bren as Therapy Dobermann)
Bren was owned and loved by Shiganori Matsumoto, Von Eisentor Kennel.  She passed over the Rainbow Bridge April/04 from intestinal cancer (8.5 yrs. of age).  Shig lost his male dobermann (Theo - not related to Bren) to intestinal cancer just prior to losing Bren.
Blitzkrieger Kennel offers heartfelt condolances to Shig

Bren 16 weeks with Shig (owner)
Bren 8 Months
Bren 4 years
Bren 4 years
Protection work
Bren with
Blitzkrieger "H" LItter

Blaze vom Blitzkrieger at 7 Mo. 
Blaze is OFA good, vWD carrier, full dentition
Bjori vom Blitzkrieger at 4 Mo.
Benno v.Blitzkrieger @12 Mo.
  Benno is owned by Ed Radkie


Bela v. Blitzkrieger,14mo
Dam:  Blitzkrieger E Litter
Big Dino v.
Big Dino died at 5ys
Blitzkrieger  (1 yr.) 
(Autopsy: normal heart, lungs)
Owner: J.Salmans,Texas 
Right:  Belas' son, 
Eick v Blitzkrieger
SchH3, HIT SchH 1 &2

BRUX vom Blitzkrieger, CDX, WAC
Unlike his littermates, Bruxa was born with problems and almost died as a pup but he had such a "will to live", I sold him as a non breedable "pet".  His exceptional working character earned high praise in ring sport bitework and Bruxa and his owner won many Obedience awards together.
Top 10 Obedience Doberman (CKC) 1999
Top 10 Obedience Doberman (CKC) 2000
HIT (High in Trial) winner Doberman Pinscher Club of B.C. Specialty, 1999
HIT (Open B) winner, Doberman Pinscher Club of B.C. Specialty 2000. 
Bruxa tested Cerf clear, Cardio and Thyroid normal. vWD carrier, OFA good... 
Bruxa died suddenly 2.5 months short of his 7th Birthday.  Autopsy revealed dilated cardiomyopathy. At the time of his death, he was one score short of Canadian Obedience Trial Championship.
Bruxa  was loved & trained by Keltie Lang, von Gryf Doberman.  He is dearly missed. 


Baron vom Blitzkrieger, "retired in Florida",USA

Baron pups - USA
 Both Akeem & Aalyia earned their Bh at 1 year of age
Akeem, SchH3 (click for video of trial)  (HIT SchH2 photos below)
photo left: Baron at 7 months
Baron's son, Akeem at 9 mo 
James Blake, Jaburi Kennel, U.S.A.
Akeem  at 9 mo.
Below: Akeem SchH2 HIT 
Above: Akeem 3 yrs.
Aalyia (female)  at 9 months
(Artificial Insemination Litter)
Aalyia has been bred to Lazer!

Baron Pups - AUSTRALIA
Baron has also sired many outstanding progeny for
VonForell & Von Hellas Kennels, Australia


Asisin vom Blitzkrieger, SchH.1 -99/95/88 pronounced
Aisin vom Blitzkrieger, FH 1 - 96
Bogart vom Blitzkrieger (photo blow), SchH 1 - 100/94/92 pronounced & HIGH IN TRIAL
Bogart vom Blitzkrieger, FH 1 - 98



Member:German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (1988 - 1998)
Lower Mainland German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Surrey,Canada) (1988-1998)
 United Doberman Club, USA (1988-1998)
President (1997) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.
Richmond German Shepherd (Schutzhund) Club (Canada) (1998 - 2000)
Training Director (2002) Pacific Coast Schutzhund (DVG) Club.

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